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August 01, 2010


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Phil Nugent


Many thanks for highlighting my Marketing the Law post on Law Without Borders, which is a great resource for anyone wanting to know more about LPOs, where they’ve been and where they’re likely to go.

You and I are in agreement that there appears to be just one direction for Legal Process Outsourcing firms to go, and that’s up. LPOs are on their way to becoming a significant – and accepted – presence in the business of law worldwide.

A review of how globalization, technology and efficiency have dramatically changed other seemingly immune industries provides little reason to believe it could ultimately turn out otherwise for the legal profession (no matter how much some will protest that the law is different).

There will be more than a few bumps, bruised egos and ruffled feathers along the way (e.g., the recent kerfuffle over whether Global CPA was being excluded from the law conference in Australia). However, it won’t be long before it becomes clear that LPOs have a seat at the grownups’ table – and that they’re active participants in the dinner conversation.



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