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July 28, 2010


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The crowning irony is that the brief TOI story contains multiple factual and/or grammatical errors. First, as you noted, the article refers to the largest bar association in the U.S. as the American Bar Council, rather than the American Bar Association. Second, the article contains the following "quote" from the ABA Journal:

"Indian LPO companies have taken a lot of heat from US lawyers for siphoning work, but they now may need to steal themselves against editors," said the article. It further said, "High quality and effective English writing has been out of fashion in the US for several decades."

While I haven't gone back to read the original article, I doubt it said that "they now may need to steal themselves against editors." Indeed.

english grammar

well i am totaly agree with u Lisa... thats a good point though


This has forever been a problem with us Indians. We do a thing once but immediately see it to be our ability of being the best in doing that thing. We have such desperation of being seen to be successful that we we celebrate minor glories too much. It is time we got real.

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