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May 24, 2010


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Carolyn Elefant

You are right - I should have pointed out that I have received some very shoddy work from US providers as well. Ultimately, that is why I have moved away from using any kind of agency - Indian or U.S. and have tried instead to find contract lawyers based on individual recommendations or product on their websites.


I believe there are many legal issues when it comes to outsourcing legal work. I'm pretty worried about intellectual property rights, as each country has its own way of implementing them, and suing someone across the miles costs a great deal of money, which could have been avoided in the first place. Nice sharing, thanks.


Most of the work that is outsourced to India is e-discovery and research, document summarizations and voice support for lead generations. This itself serves to reduce cost greatly without the drafting processes which is a more quality oriented work.


Well said. Nice article...

Account Deleted

I appreciate your non-partisan stand on outsourcing legal work, especially contract drafting work, to India. I agree that most of the Legal Providers need to adapt to US Legal system first, before taking on the outsourcing work. Sadly most of them concentrate on making quick money and do not focus on creating valuable relationship with US Attorneys, for whom they work.

Chuck Miser

I am not so sure that everything should be outsourced, especially if the motivating reason is money alone. The US Language is tough enough for native speakers much less when it comes to legal nuances and US Law.

I really feel that those that use the outsourced LPO are setting themselves up for some tough times if they miss something materially important, those out of work US Lawyers that are getting passed up will be climbing over each to work on these potential malpractice lawsuits.

Mathi Ramachandran

While I respect fellow brehteren from around the world, am still little skeptical when it comes to sending personal information overseas. This is the only reason I have started my own out sourcing law office in San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California initially with one suspended attorney with excellent writing skills. We not only provide excellent writing service with skills learned and perfected in the U.S., but are also competitive in the world market. Trys us out for a change....

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